Sue Barrington

About Me

All of my life I have promoted health and wellness. I earned a degree in Dietetics from Washington State University in 1985. Good nutrition and physical fitness have been part of my daily routine. In 2012 all of that came to a crashing halt, when I received the devastating news that my brother had died unexpectedly. Shortly after, I sustained some serious injuries that put an end to my active lifestyle. No longer able to exercise, I felt like a 50 year old living in an 85 year old body. Continuing to experience chronic discomfort and disfunction over the next several years and still dealing with the emotional loss of my brother, I became very emotionally distraught.

Relying on others to “fix” me compounded my feelings of despair. It was those same disparaging feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that provided the fuel for my unwavering search that lead me to a 2O+ year old bio-tech company from Europe that has exclusive rights to medical breakthrough technology and is changing healthcare as we know it. Although this company is well-known in many countries, it made its grand entrance to the US in June, 2015 after the NASA cooperation agreement was signed.

This therapeutic wellness device turns on the self-healing mechanism in our body to its maximum level. It improves microcirculation in the body’s smallest blood vessels (capillaries) and delivers increased oxygen and nutrients throughout our system. When our blood is flowing efficiently, we are able to eliminate more toxins and regenerate inefficient or tired organs, tissues and muscles. I have seen first-hand more success stories than I can count when it comes to how this therapy has helped people. I too have had life-changing results by using my device regularly…much better sleep, more focused/relaxed, boundless energy, faster recovery, and I am extremely grateful to be able to say that I have almost zero discomfort on any given day.

This wellness device truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I continue to feel younger with each passing year, even though the candles on my birthday cake tell me that I am older!