A few words from my clients

"I met Sue in January at the Columbia River Circuit Finals Rodeo in Yakima. I was experiencing a great deal of discomfort from injuries I had sustained in a car accident. Sue saw that I was having challenging time moving and she encouraged me to sit down and try out her Bio-Energy device. She explained the machine and the process. It was her compassionate heart and passion that drew me in to try it. Within four minutes in my first session I felt my joy being restored!

Since then I’ve purchased my own Bio-Energy device and am experiencing great improvement in my mobility. I appreciate Sue’s support and her contagious passion for other’s to improve their health using this technology."

Jamie Dearing Founder, Rodeo Queen University

My name is Suse Cook and I was introduced to BEMER and Sue Barrington in January, 2019. I had briefly heard about BEMER but had no idea what it was or did. Sue explained everything in layman’s terms but also scientifically and technically. She is a fountain of information and knows where to find the statistics to back it up. She gave free BEMER sessions at an event I was at. I didn’t notice anything significant right away but later that afternoon, I noticed that my thumb joint that had ached constantly for years, had completely stopped within a few hours. It has not bothered me since. She has a true, caring heart and just wants everyone to be healthy and happy. I rented a unit from her for a month and within two weeks, I told her I was ready to buy my own. I have never regretted my decision and am enjoying being able to share my experiences with people. I am so glad that I met Sue .

Suse Cook

In my 30 years I have had three major injuries where surgery was needed. I had a Hamstring Graft on a torn ACL (football), a Pec Reconstruction on a torn Pec (weight lifting), and recently I received ORIF surgery on a broken fibula/dislocated talus (Jiu Jitsu). For the first two my recovery time was what one would expect, but for the ORIF surgery I was able to use BEMER with Sue Barrington. I was pleasantly surprised with my results.

My Orthopedic Surgeon for the ORIF surgery informed me that I would be on crutches for 4-6 weeks and that I would be in a walking boot for 4-6 weeks after getting off my crutches. I was further informed that I would get back to basic lower body activity in 4-6 months, and that full recovery would take a year. After using BEMER approximately 2-3 times per week I was able to get off the crutches in 3 weeks, and was out of my walking boot 3 days after being off my crutches. I was able to Front Squat and complete other various lightly weighted lower body activities 6 weeks post-surgery, and was able to start light Olympic Lifting 8 weeks post-surgery. While I attribute some of this to my knowledge of recovery, active lifestyle, quality diet, and focus on early range of motion; I have done all those things in the past and not seen the same results.

My Physical Therapist was blown away by my recovery speed, and even sent me home because he said there was nothing more he could do for me that I hadn’t done myself. Five weeks post-surgery my limp was gone and people who didn’t know me would have never recognized that I recently had major surgery. Today marks 9 weeks postsurgery, and while I am still tender and a bit tight, I could easily walk outside and go on a fifteen mile hike. This morning I was doing overhead squats and holding the bottom position for 10 seconds on each rep. If you don’t know what this movement entails, just know that it calls for extreme ankle mobility, things I was told I wouldn’t be doing for months.

Ramon Sodano, M.A. CSCS Coordinator, Fitness Services and Education
University Recreation, Washington State University